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    TX Series S Class

TX-S Series is an induced draft cross-flow, film filled, FRP multi-cell rectangular cooling tower designed for the equipment cooling, industrial process cooling and air conditioning applications. The TX-S Series Cooling Tower is designed in accordance to CTI & JCI standards. Its design saves space, light weight, blends easily with architectural designs and offers low operating costs. The thermal performance of TX-S Series is backed by full written guarantee. Field performance test to CTI standards can be carried out and witnessed by the owners appointed inspection engineer to ensure the supplied cooling tower meets the thermal performance.

Truwater TX-S Series Cooling Tower meets most design criteria in terms of economy, extra low noise and space saving.

TX-S Series Counterflow Tower Specification

1.0 General
The cooling tower shall be induced-draft, crossflow, rectangular, film filled, FRP Cooling Tower. Cooling tower shall be Truwater TX-S Series or approved equivalent.

Cooling Tower shall be capable of providing the thermal performance scheduled.

The cooling tower manufacturer shall guarantee that the tower supplied will meet the specified performance conditions when the tower is installed according to plans.

The cooling tower main frame structure shall be hot dip galvanised steel (HDG). The casing shall be made of fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP).

5.1 Fan(s) shall be propeller-type, incorporating heavy-duty blades of aluminium alloy. Blades shall be individually adjustable. Fan Blades shall be factory balanced and assembled. Pitch angle should be variable to allow flexibility.
5.2 The V-belts shall be of rubber with fabric impregnated able to withstand the adverse ambient conditions of 50°C and 100% R.H. The pulleys shall be cast iron with the grooves of standard dimensions. The entire V-belt & pulley set must be fully enclosed in a FRP molded case to protect the V-belts from in contact with the humid discharge air.
5.3 Motor(s) shall be TEFC, weatherproof sq. caged induction type suitable for 3ph /50Hz/415V power supply and with 1450 rpm. Motor shall be installed outside the discharge air stream.

6.1 Fill shall be Vacuum-formed film-type, rigid, corrugated PVC sheets. The infill shall be bonded with specially formulated glue in blocks. The infill modules shall be resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria and organic/inorganic acids and alkali as commonly found in cooling towers. The design shall meet 0.02% drift loss of the circulation water flow.

The hot water distribution shall be of open gravity type basin. It shall be made of FRP material. It shall be light weight and non-corrosive to maintain stable water sprinkling effect.

The cold water basin shall be of FRP and supported on HDG steel framework. The basin shall be designed with sufficient water capacity to avoid air entrainment in the outlet during operating conditions. The basin shall be equipped with suction strainer, make-up ball valve, overflow and drain. For multiple tower arrangement, equalizing pipes between basins shall be provided to maintain the same level of water in each basin.

Ladder shall be provided for inspection & maintenance purposes. HDG steel fan guard shall be provided over each fan cylinder.

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