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EC-S Series is an induced draft counter-flow, film filled, FRP multi-cell rectangular cooling tower designed for the equipment cooling, and industrial process cooling and air conditioning applications. The EC-S Series Cooling Towers are specifically designed to meet maximum performance and reliability, and minimum maintenance. The thermal performance of EC-S Series has been certified by CTI in accordance with CTI Standards STD-201. EC-S Series Cooling Towers are designed and provided with high quality v-belt & pulley drive system or right-angle gear reducer drive system for trouble ... Read More

TC Series M Class

TC-M Series is an induced draft, counterflow, film filled, FRP square cooling tower designed for air conditioning and industrial process cooling applications. The TC-M Series is specifically designed to meet the 21st century challenges where the cost of energy, space and labour are ever increasing. It also incorporates a safety maintenance platform complete with safety railings for ease of maintenance. This highly efficient engineered design M class is a result of Truwater's commitment in the continuous R & D on cooling tower technology. M Class utilizes only components that are ... Read More

CF Series

CF Series counterflow cooling tower has been engineered to deliver maximum heat transfer capability. Because of its counterflow design, CF tower has inherent advantages which can greatly reduce space requirement of tower on by utilizing advance computer software, TRUWATER engineering team custom design each system according to your specific requirements. CF Series Features 3D Modeling Utilizing advanced TEKLA Structures 3D Modeling System Software, our engineering team custom design each system to meet your specific project requirement. Innovative Design TRUWATER's vast experience and ... Read More

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